Loadbalancing based on amount of traffic with two 4G-LTE uplinks

Hi, I am helping my aunt and her family to set up a working internet connection.

They live fairly remotely on the island of Ibiza and rely on a 4G-LTE modem/router for their uplink. They get 120GB included with their monthly subscription. They watch a lot of Netflix though, and keep on getting throttled half way through the month for going over their limit of 120GB.

Now they’ve added a second subscription, with exactly the same router and half way through the month they switch manually to the other router.

Would a Balance 20 loadbalancer be of help here? Could I configure it to round robin all traffic (whilst still making Netflix work) and after say, 119 GB on one uplink, shut that one down? And then put it back up on the first of the month?

Many thanks for helping,

WAN settings “Bandwidth Allowance Monitor” should able to help your case. You can actually disconnect the WAN if the monthly allowance defined hit.

For more information please refer to the screenshot as attached.

Thank you!

Hi there, I have one more question about my situation.

The two 4G routers I am looking to loadbalance are TP Link TL-MR6400.

These routers do NAT themselves and offer an network on the inside.

The TP-link’s web frontend doesn’t give me the option to enable Bridge mode.

What would be the best way to set them up with the Peplink? My idea is to create a third internal ( or even a network on the Peplink and have the Peplink
route things from that interface to the TP-Link. Do you reckon that will work?

Many thanks,

I recommend ditching the TP Links altogether and going with BR1’s instead. :grin:

Otherwise just place a cheap router in between one of them and configure to use a different IP range. Having the exact same default gateway on both WAN’s may cause issues…