Load distribution over speedfusion

Hi we have a speed fusion network running.

Example is
As primary links we have
ISP 1 capacity 30mbps
ISP 2 capacity 20 mbps

Now we have some issues with jitter and packet loss and the differences in Latency can be fairly significant
As a result we have a collection of VSATs to address Jitter and packet loss
ISP 3 VSAT capacity 2 mbps
ISP 4 VSAT capacity 2 mbps

The question therefore is, IF it is possible to have Data on the high speed/capacity links and voice on the VSAT links, and if so what the best approach to this would be?

Is there any way to group these links together or?

I would just have ISP 1/2 apart set to 1 (Highest Priority) and ISP3/4 set to 2 under WAN connections in SpeedFusion Profile. Basically VSAT will just be used as a back-up for traffic going across the tunnel if ISP 1/2 go down.
Having them apart of the tunnel with your primary links would more then likely hinder the help, assuming there latency is going to be much higher then the primary links.

Hi thanks for the reply.

i was thinking the same, however as my main issue is RTP traffic and Jitter i was hoping there was sme way to "redirect just the voice/video traffic over the VSATs, just leaving the links as standby wont really solve “quality issues” expiienced on the the “landline” internet


Per the screenshot I would enable expert mode for outbound policy. A new section will appear called PepVPN Routes.

With this you can direct traffic to use specific WANs inside of your tunnel. For example you can define your Voice/Video traffic to use VSAT connections as first priority.
Essentially the Balance will send the traffic through SpeedFusion but only over the specified WANs that you define in PepVPN routes. All other traffic not defined will use all 4 connections.

Hi thanks for that.
i am a little stuck however as i am using 6.2.0 build 3244 and running speed fusion and not pepvpn.
is there any such functionality under the speedfusion as i cannot seem to locate this when enabling the expert mode?


PepVPN Routes = Same thing as Speedfusion routes. You can upgrade your device to current firmware by clicking on the link below.
Note that this is under Network>Outbound Policy per the screenshot.

this i got. I am already using version 6.2.2.
but i dont see any pepvpn routes anywhere?

It is the grey section right below rules. Just simply Drag the rule up into the grey section “PepVPN Routes”.