Load Balancing


I have a Peplink Balance 310 running firmware 5.4.9, build 1989

I have two ISP, one is a Wireless connection that comes from an antenna about 7 miles away. The other is a V-Sat system.

The Wireless connection gives me about 1 mbps download, and the VSat gives me about .5 Mpbs download.

The Peplink used to combine them very well, since I upgraded to 5.4.9 it does not seem to combine them at all. Should I downgrade my firmware, or is there something else I should look at?

Thanks, I appreciate any help!

With 5.4.9 firmware, the default outbound policy rule will look for the lowest latency WAN connection to use for outbound sessions. Although this works well for most deployments, you may want to reconfigure the outbound policy rules to work best for your environment. There is no need to upgrade firmware.

If the goal is better load balancing when using a high latency WAN connection, a simple example would be to put an outbound policy rule right above the default using the weighted balance algorithm. You can adjust it so they are treated equal.

Thanks so much Ron, That was my problem. Now when they are both running I am getting 1.5 mbps.