Load Balancing with static IP addresses

Hi Guys
I was looking at the peplink routers and I am just wondering if peplink routers when doing load balancing with 4 cable modems with static ip addresses (each cable modem will have its own block of static IP’s with it) will work then be able to pass it along to a powercode BMU then out to wireless ap’s or not?


Will NAT mapping help?

Well see it probably could all I am using the powercode BMU is bandwidth control but it also can do firewall and qos stuff then I will also be having mikrotik routers at my other towers and it looks like I be doing double natting and I dont want to do something like that. I just wanted to know if peplink can do load balancing and just pass off the static IP’s to the powercode BMU then —> mikrotik.

Got you. Taking advantage of our Drop-in mode, Peplink could bridge one of your WAN say WAN1 to your BMU connected to Peplink LAN port. But for other WAN e.g. WAN2 and WAN3 Peplink will have to NAT them.