Load Balancing with Fonality TrixBox


We are using a Peplink Balance 30 withe the following config:

  • WAN1: ATT Uverse with Static IP.
  • WAN2: Verizon T1 with Static IP.
  • We are running a fonality trixbox server on our LAN @ x.x.x.250.
  • We currently have port forwarding rules configured on WAN2 to route SIP traffic to the phone server (UDP:5060-5090 & UDP:10000-20000).
  • We also have outbound rules configured to send the same traffic through WAN2.

We want to configure the router to do the following:

  1. Prioritize all SIP/Phone system related traffic over WAN2 using WAN1 only if bandwidth is saturated. This is our slower but stable T1 link.
  2. Prioritize all other traffic (http, smtp, pop3, imap, etc) over WAN1 using WAN2 only if bandwidth is saturated. This is our quicker broadband link.

Can someone experienced with trixbox/sip/voip and peplink balance suggest the best way to configure the router to achieve the desired results?



Hi Garry,

First, make sure you have entered the correct UL/DL speeds of each connection on the corresponding WAN setup page. This is important.
Next, create an outbound policy rule; Source = x.x.x.250, Destination = Any, Algorithm = Overflow, with WAN2 highest priority.
Finally, either create a new rule or edit the default rule; Source = Any, Destination = Any, Algorithm = Overflow, with WAN1 highest priority.

Just make sure the first rule is above the second rule.

Hi Garry

I just want to add a few things to Tim’s recommendation:

  1. Remember to configure QoS for SIP, you do not want data to enjoy priority when one connection is used for voice and data.
  2. We have found that it is sometimes better to configure VOIP with failover, but to rather exclude the main VOIP connection from your data outbound policy.
  3. It was necesarry to disable ALG for some of our SIP traffic to get a better voice quality
  4. All of your Voice traffic will come from one IP, and most probably your connection will remain active even though no calls are made. In order for traffic to be routed over your higher priority connection after it had to make use of your secondary connection, it might be necesarry to force your session to be disconnected and reconnected in your VOIP outbound policy.