Load balancing on BR1


If I have a 3G link operating as priority 1, how do I load balance with Wifi as WAN?

If I move Wifi as WAN up to priority 1 as well, the BR1 moves the 3G link to priority 2 and puts it on standby.

Shouldnt it run both simultaneously and load balance between them??? I thought this was the point?

Hi Mike,

The BR1 is not designed to do load balancing, it is a fail-over cellular router with session persistent PepVPN capabilities. If you need load balancing on a mobile product, then you want to look at the MAX 700, MAX HD2, or MAX OTG.

Hi Tim

Thats very disappointing.

Can I request that Peplink edit their website - It says in your first paragraph right below a picture of the BR1:

“The Pepwave MAX mobile router gives you the ultimate in mobile connectivity. With the ability to combine a variety of wireless services, the MAX gives you maximum reliability through automatic link failover and scalability with multi-WAN load balancing and SpeedFusion™ bandwidth bonding. The Pepwave MAX brings wireline reliability to environments where no other solution can”"

This is completely misleading. I am a Peplink partner and am in the embarrassing situation now of telling the client I am with at the moment that the 700 euro unit they purchased has less functionality than the 35 euro TP-LINK TL-R470T+ they had previously.

How is the SpeedFusion supposed to work on this unit if it cant load balance???

How come load balancing is present on the MAX OTG and its a significantly cheaper unit?? (less than half the price!)

Hi Mike, please refer to the following page that helps illustrate PepVPN/SpeedFusion:

Well would Peplink consider enabling load balancing on a BR1 as an optional extra? (since it should be easy to implement)

Please do pass on to the Dev team to edit the website however - it is misleading.

Your feedback is well received, Mike. We will update the product page to better reflect each model’s unique functionality.

Be sure it is never our intention to mislead viewers. To review BR1 technical specifications you can visit http://www.peplink.com/max-mobile-router/specifications/br1/.

Although MAX BR1 does not support load balancing, it has a embedded world-mode 3G modem and a rugged metallic housing that MAX On-The-Go does not have. Here is a helpful comparison chart.

If you need a MAX model with load balancing for your customer, we can offer you a trade-in for your MAX BR1, please contact us.