Load Balancing my Balance One

I am new to this subject, but I just recently enabled a second ISP in my office that has 300-500 MBps Up & Down compared to my current ISP that has 150 Down and 20 up. Unfortunately, new ISP currently has a worse latency so when I enable the basic Balance One configuration where both are priority one, the Balance one wants to still favor/only use the old one. Also, the new one has more “brown outs” where I will get intermittent stalls. With my Balance One, I would like to do some type of basic load sharing that would favor the new one but continue to use the old one for some of the data when the stalls get bad.

What are my options here?


Make sure you have set the available download / upload bandwidth values accurately in the WAN settings for each WAN. I would also change both WAN DNS servers to use google and as most brownouts are caused by slow DNS server responses in my experience.

Then I would likely use fastest response time as the algorithm and see how well bandwidth gets distributed then.

Okay,I updated my DNS servers and updated the BW numbers on both of my ISPs. I noticed though that the numbers didn’t do anything until I enabled the QoS features. Now it looks like most of the time its defaulting to just the bigger pipe.

How do I change the algorithm to just latency based or does this make sense?