Load balancing Layer 2

Our Customer needs to set up a load blancing between 2 access link layer 2 .
Is’it possible ? and How ?
Thanks in advance

Do you mean the customer wants to create a Layer 2 tunnel between two networks using bonded connectivity?

If so big question is how much bandwidth do you need to support across the Layer 2 VPN and what connectivity will be used?

He Wants to create a logical layer 2 tunnel between two networks ( VPLS-MPLS) using bonded connectivity

Each network has 1 Gbps , you need to aggregate 2Gbps Ethernet

Thanks in advance

Yes that topology is fine.
To support 2Gbps of L2 VPN they would need a pair of Balance 2500 Routers.

Could you please share with me the configuration .
Thanks in advance .

Sure if you send me a network diagram with all the IP addressing I would be happy to provide consultancy on this project for you.

Off the top of my head:

  1. Configure WAN1 and WAN2 on both B2500’s (Balance A and Balance B) so that Balance A can route route traffic to Balance B.
  2. Configure a VLAN on both Balance devices to act as the Layer 2 Access VLAN - assign it to a pair of physical ports then setup LACP on that pair of ports.
  3. Create a Layer 2 SpeedFusion VPN that has both WANs set as priority 1 in the profile, and links the VLANs.