Load Balancing for quintessential remote location (multiple Vsat Terminals and marginal GPRS cover)


Our challenge is that we have a high end resort on a remote island in and the internet requirements or our clients and staff are increasing. Guest walk in with an assortment of Notebooks, Ipads, Smartphones. Where as a few years ago they would express relief at being offline for a while, there seem to be more and more people who are totally hooked even in their holidays and consume every shred of bandwidth available. So we have up to 80 people suckling on a IPstar Vsat line that barely has up to 2mbit but in reality mostly hovers somewhere under 1mbit. We are now installing a second (expensive) Vsat downlink and probably would install even more if we could somehow combine the available bandwidth.
In addition we sometimes get something between 2G and 3G GPRS/EDGE from nearby main island. It is slow and unreliable even on the main island but we could probably squeeze an intermittent bit of bandwidth from that too. That´s how it looks there :

Now is this a situation that the Peplink Balance Multi-Wan Routers could deal with productively?

Would it be possible to connect to any Wifi network (such as ubiquity unifi / airmax) or would we need to change to a Peplink Wifi setup?

Does it provide uptime / bandwidth stats / records that we could feed back to the provider and use to monitor performance of the satellite down/uplinks

Thank you very much for your input


I have to say. What a beautiful resort you have :slight_smile: where about is it?

And yes we can help. We can connect both VSATs to a Peplink Balance and let it distribute your Internet traffic on both VSATs. All Peplink Balance has an USB port for 2G/3G. More than 150 USB modems are certified supported with Peplink Balance. You can view a full list at http://www.peplink.com/3g/ before you pick an USB modem.

Peplink Balance can automatically balance your Internet traffic on all available VSAT/2G/3G links. And in case one of them goes down, Peplink will automatically route your traffic to other available links. This should help boost your overall bandwidth available to guests and make the most out of the spotty 2G/3G coverage.

Peplink accepts virtually any WAN connection on its Ethernet WAN port. If we have a UniFi/airMAX WAN link we want to use on Peplink, we can simply plug it in an Ethernet WAN port.

And yes Peplink provides a good range of reporting and management features on its intuitive web admin page. To see what we have you can go to http://balancedemo.peplink.com/cgi-bin/MANGA/index.cgi for a live demo.

I think you will find these features handy as well

  • Bandwidth Allowance Monitor and Usage Statistics - designed to help you keep track of Internet link usage.
  • User Groups Bandwidth Control (Balance model 380 or above) - help you to prioritise traffic for different groups of users.
  • Application QoS - help you prioritise mission-critical traffic by traffic type.

Based on your VSAT throughput, Balance 20 or above is good for a start. You can compare the Balance demo lineup at http://www.peplink.com/balance/tech-spec/.