Load Balancing based on Server availability



When i bundle two Lines from two different Providers, it is possible to configure a Peplink 20 or another of the Peplink Devices based on the availability of a Server within the Network ?


I have local two Servers. One setup as Backup for the other. On each is the same Web Application. In the case that the server is not possible to reach anymore (Ping Test, HTTP Test), than Incoming Traffic should go to the other Server.

Is this possible ?




Hi Frank. Peplink products focus on WAN load balancing and not so much on internal server load balancing on the LAN.



Many thanks. Do you know a product that allow multiple Lines and has this kind of features ?


We only focus on WAN load balancers but maybe another user can chime in here on server load balancers.



If you got mega bucks to spend - Citrix netscalers work very well for what you are wanting. You may be able to use Microsoft software load balancers if you are running windows.

Hope this helps