Load Balancing and email DNS Records

I am looking for guidance on moving from a single-WAN environment to a Multi-WAN environment.
Current Setup:
I currently have one ISP. I host an email server along with an email filter appliance. My MX & Reverse Lookup Record point to the email filter appliance. MX and Reverse Lookup Record (PTR) are hosted with my ISP’s DNS.
My website (www) is hosted with my Domain Registrar. My SPF record is hosted with my domain registrar

I would like to add another ISP to provide redundancy. It was recommended that I look at the PEPLINK to handle the Multi-WAN balancing. I am looking for guidance on the device to use and I’m not sure how to handle email DNS records (MX & PTR).

Hello @creed,
We recommend you seek out you local certified Peplink partner, they will be best placed to help you with this, if they are unable to answer your questions, then please bring them back to the forum here.

What I can share is that the Peplink Balance routers can assist you with what you need. It will be important to choose the right model, have a look at the table here for more info on choosing the right model.

Happy to Help,
Marcus :slight_smile:

When I started my research, I first called a PEPLINK partner and explained what I was trying to do. They gave me the phone number for PEPLINK and recommended that I call PEPLINK directly of which I did. PEPLINK recommended that I search the forum and call a PEPLINK partner. So I searched the forum and didn’t find an answer there. So I then posted the question as I can’t imagine I’m the only one with that question. I still need to call a second PEPLINK Partner but was hoping the forum would answer the question to benefit others that may want to know. I delayed calling a PEPLINK Partner as that’s where I started and seems like I’ll be going in a circle. I believe the PEPLINK product may have the ability to fulfill my project need but I’m just trying to verify that the device can be the authoritative DNS for the email MX & PTR records.Again, thank you for guidance, I appreciate it.

@creed, I confirm the Authoritative DNS feature is available on the Balance 210 and higher models. Here is a screenshot of the settings page for reference:


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Excellent! That answers my question. I appreciate it!

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