Load Balance with SIP Trunk Termination


This config above shows what I am trying to accomplish:

  1. Customer has a NEC Phone System with NEC Phones and NEC PBX.
  2. I want to Pull in a Fiber WAN and Load Balance a Fiber WAN and T1.
  3. Have my SIP Trunk termination happen on an Edgemarc 4550-15, which also handles, NAT, DHCP.

*If I put the 210 into drop-in-mode and pass through a static ip from the fiber WAN to my edgemarc, then in the event the Fiber went down how could I fail over to the T1 or vise versa?


The diagram shows the Balance would be deployed as drop-in mode with the fiber WAN and public IPs on the Edgemarc. You can use the priority algorithm with an outbound policy rule to fail over to the T1.

Perfect thanks a lot.