Load Balance for Inbound Connection

we have two ISP ( ISP1 with public IP 74.x.x.x/28 ) and (ISP2 with public IP 79.x.x.x/28 ) Connected to Peplink 305 and firewall behind the peplink
Our Scenario we have several web servers hosted on DMZ .
we need peplink work As load balance between ISP1 and ISP2 for inbound Traffic
how we configure inbound traffic from outside to our peplink and what is best practise design for Connectivity between Peplink and Firewall and where we can configure static nating and routing .

Also we need each web server have two public IP one from each ISP how we can implement this scenario

Peplink does inbound load balancing using DNS
See here for more info Understanding Inbound Load Balancing

thank you Martin for replying ,

is possible to use external DNS load balance or we must Use peplink DNS for load balancing >

also if you have link for full Configuration for scenario will be appreciated .

The Peplink has to be the authoritative DNS server as that’s how the inbound load balancing works. If one WAN is unhealthy when users request yourserver.yourdomain.com the Peplink knows which IP to reply with.

Now you could have a subdomain and cname to it from your primary so yourserver.yourdomain.com > yourserver.gateway.yourdomain.com

And the Peplink becomes authorative for that subdomain (gateway.yourdomain.com ).