LLDP on Peplink SD-WAN devices

just re-creating this, re-requesting this from these:

We use an RMM tool to manage our clients workstations/servers and one of the functions we have setup is a custom field on the device page in the RMM that autofills with the LLDP port information from the network adapters.

This means that our service desk staff have a very quick and easy way of seeing where a workstation is connected (or was last connected, if its offline).

But… it doesn’t work for devices connected directly to Peplink’s, for example in retail stores etc where they might not have a switch.

We also use Auvik for network alerting and management, and Auvik also heavily uses LLDP to build automated network maps and show connections, which also aids troubleshooting of network issues. Peplink’s don’t show port information here, which can sometimes lead to strange outcomes in the map.

It would be great to get LLDP support in Peplink’s for these reasons.

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This makes a lot of sense. @Eddy_Yeung Any reason we can’t get LLDP added to max/balance devices?