Livestreaming for Remote Lectures

Keeping Classes Going with Plug & Play Unbreakable Connectivity

To contain the COVID-19 outbreak, travel and interpersonal contact is being minimized in many countries. Still, life must go on, and in many places, school lectures and business meetings have moved to the cloud.


In response to the COVID-19 outbreak, the Hong Kong SAR government announced in early February that school campuses would be closed. Lecturers from a leading university began providing lectures from home via web video conferences. However, the residential ADSL and broadband connections used by lecturers performed inconsistently on these bandwidth-hungry apps. Lecturers and students had to deal with frustration from frequent jitters, interruptions and outright broken connectivity during online lectures.

To keep classes going, the university urgently needed a reliable plug-and-play connectivity solution that can be easily installed at home by the lecturers themselves.

A Quick Resolution

Within days, Peplink delivered 20 UBR LTE routers to the university support team, which then distributed the routers to their lecturers. Via Peplink’s SpeedFusion technology, the UBR combines the bandwidth of 2x LTEs for fast and unbreakable connectivity straight out of the box. Because the devices have been preconfigured, lecturers simply had to connect their computers to the router to begin uninterruptible lecture streaming.

In addition to fast and reliable connectivity provided by combining 2x LTEs, Peplink’s WAN Smoothing technology ensured jitter-free video streaming by mitigating the effects of packet losses and uneven network latency. As a result, lecturers were able to remotely deliver their lectures and keep classes running even from home. The UBR also has the ability to remotely deploy SIM cards. This means if one cellular provider loses connectivity, then the UBR can switch to another provider without any intervention.

This deployment also involved minimal load to the university support team. They did not have to install any additional network infrastructure to support the UBRs. Using the InControl central management platform, support staff could perform configuration and troubleshooting remotely, minimizing on-site visits. Overall, the UBR solved the university’s poor streaming problem within days instead of weeks, required minimal user training, and cost much lower than comparable enterprise networking solutions.

UBR with PrimeCare – SpeedFusion out of the box

The Pepwave UBR itself is an easy to use, powerful and scalable solution for organizations that need highly reliable connectivity right away. Peplink’s UBR PrimeCare subscription plan provides all the necessary tools to build a cloud-managed, fast and unbreakable connectivity straight out of the box.

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