Live Web Streaming Over Bonded Cellular Connections - Temporary Deployment



  • Live Web Video and/or Audio Streaming is required from a location using just cellular connectivity.

  • A single cellular connection at the location does not have enough bandwidth for the media stream and/or connection resilience is required.


  • Multiple cellular connections need to be aggregated to achieve the upload bandwidth required and to guarantee connection availability.

** - Wired and wireless IP connectivity is needed from a production laptop with live media streaming software running on it.

  • The requirement is temporary, so a fixed hardware installation is not desired.

Recommended Solution****:

** - The FusionHub VM can be hosted in almost any public cloud based environment such as Amazon Web Services, or any other provider that supports Vmware, Citrix XenServer or VirtualBox.

  • The live stream is sent from the HD4 over the bonded SpeedFusion VPN connection and breaks out to the internet from the FusionHub virtual machine, making use of all available cellular connectivity to provide additional upload bandwidth as well as connectivity resilience.
  • The FusionHub can be brought online just for the time needed for the broadcast and then powered off or removed entirely when no longer needed to reduce hosting costs.

Additional Options:

  • If fixed line connectivity (or a wireless hotspot) is available at the chosen remote location it can be connected to the HD4 to act as an additional internet bandwidth source for the VPN connection (and so the transmitted media stream).

  • WAN Smoothing can be used to reduce the impact of packet loss from individual connections on the transmitted media stream.

  • QoS can be applied on the HD4 to prioritise the media stream over other general internet traffic.

Devices Deployed****: MAX HD4, FusionHub Virtual Machine****

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Actical Great ! Live Web Video and/or Audio Streaming is required from a location using just cellular connectivity.