Live video streaming purpose

hi i have orderd “New! Pepwave MAX On-The-Go with Speed Fusion (MAX-OTG-U4-SF) Mobile / Car Router” for live video streaming purpose to streaming server. Is it enough or i have to buy some thing else. please guide in detail.

If you are looking at Peplink/Pepwave bonding solution, you will have to have a Peplink Balance that is compatible with SpeedFusion.
Please take a look at the following KB articles for your reference.

SpeedFusion Bonding Technology

With a single MAX On-The-Go device, it will become a load balancer even though the device is compatible with SpeedFusion.

  1. Internet Load Balancing

  2. Load Balancing Algorithms

Therefore, if you can place a Peplink Balance on the streaming server side, you will be able to literally create one big pipe bonding all the WANs.
I hope this clarifies the matters. Thanks.

please tell me which is the cheap and best Peplink Balance for “New! Pepwave MAX On-The-Go with Speed Fusion (MAX-OTG-U4-SF) Mobile / Car Router”

and if i use influxis sputnik server for streaming-over-cellular-solutions does it not work with pepwave

I will have to dig into “influxis sputnik server” and what kind of technology they are using. I will keep you posted. Thank you.

please tell me which is the cheap and best Peplink Balance for “New! Pepwave MAX On-The-Go with Speed Fusion (MAX-OTG-U4-SF) Mobile / Car Router”

If you are looking at creating a SpeedFusion tunnel between your MAX OTG and a Peplink Balance, you can go with a Balance 210. Balance 210 is the most inexpensive model that is compatible with Peplink SpeedFusion technology.


MAX OTG )))) 3G/4G )))) (SpeedFusion) ------ Balance 210

I’ve looked up Sputnik Server you mentioned earlier. According to their website, “Sputnik is Teradek’s free software application between Bond and your streaming destination.” We cannot guarantee 100% if our SpeedFusion works with their server due to the fact that they are indicating that the server is supposed to be used when you are using Bond products. I would definitely contact Teradek if the server is only compatible with their Bond products or not.


Your understanding is very much appreciated.


I’m looking for same project , I did speed Fusion VPN and its work perfect.

what is best streamer device that Peplink test it.

I found too many products Like (Teradek Co.) and what is best Streaming protocol over Speed Fusion ( RTP over Multicast , UDP over Multicast or Unicast , etc).

till now I’m using RTP over IP using VLC software , there is too many freezing on video , while bandwidth test over VPN connection perfect higher than video data rate.


There are many streaming products out there so it is hard to favor one over another. RTP over IP can be prioritized with QOS in the Balance. Please make sure to add a QOS application rule on each side for “Audio Video Streaming” specifying “RTP” for the application.

Hello Ron

What you mean adding QOS application ? inside the peplink ? or were ?

is there is place to edit the DCS or IP headers ?.
RTP over Multicast or Unicast?


This is configured in the Balance under Network> QOS> Application, and it is configured on the MAX OTG under Advanced> QOS> Application. You can use the supported application category = “Audio Video Streaming” and Application = “RTP”.

It is also possible to add custom applications if you wish to use DSCP values for prioritization.

Perfect , I did it and now I did test , with Mikrotik bandwidth test tools , and attached result.

is that good to upload two MPEG4 with Data rate profile of 1Mbps.

By the way , I’m use a TDMA,VSAT system using MTU set to 1300 and the test done on UDP packet site of 1000.

Sorry if may quistion not about same topic , but i have some quistions

bandwidth test over UDP between the two peplinks devices are not have same traffic and packet drop is that normal or I have some wrong config.

This is Graph for VPN throughput for remote VSAT station.

and this Graph for Same VPN peer on SDH (fiber Internet)


SpeedFusion bonding performance is affected by the quality of the links you are using, and we always recommend to use connections of similar quality in terms of latency and throughput.

Trying to bond a VSAT connection with high latency with a fiber connection with low latency is not ideal. You are better off setting the fiber to priority 1 and the VSAT to priority 2 within the SpeedFusion profile. This way the traffic will route across the fiber connection but still be able to fail-over to the VSAT connection in real-time, making it “Unbreakable”.

Hello Tim

Thanks for your replay , but I"m use one link only WAN1 on the Remote Sation which its not
inside the City no fiber no Wifi even no electricity.

The Main station its inside city were is the Multi ISP fiber there.

this VSAT & peplink its used to stream a CCTV Cam,

I did some modufication on MTU size of WAN

accourding to the ISP setting I’m use now 1300 packet for WAN1

But for UDP packet maximum with zero packet loss its 1200 other Value make too many packet loss

how can I change ping time out for VPN connection when I send any packet lower than 100Kb ping will reach the time out.

I did trace for packet its take 3000ms or more.


Please open up a support ticket with us here so we may investigate the issue.

I have configured video streaming with speedfusion using MAX on the GO at both ends. The video is coming with lot of freezes, even though there is sufficient bandwidth on both locations. When I am streaming video from the same device without speedfusion, the

I have set Audio Video Streaming and Application. Do I need to do any more settings for receiving a proper video stream.

There would be different latencies for the different networks we are using at the streaming end. How do we overcome this latency at the receiving side.