List-Based Web Blocking - Light and Full


Good Morning

The new list based blocking is pretty cool but the light version is VERY light!

There are only 6 categories compared to 44 in the full version

Is there a plan to add more options to the light list?

Thank You



Web Blocking will utilize some system resources. So full Web Blocking categories only available in the high-end model.


I had a feeling it was going to be something like that.
Is there a plan to increase the number of categories in the light version? Even if it was around 15-20 rather then the current 6, it would be a lot more help full.
Maybe an option to enable more categories but a warning displayed that more system resources will be utilised by this feature?
Thank You



We shall review this in future. 6 Web Blocking categories are the optimum design for the low-end model. Thanks for your suggestion.


I would assume that devices like the HD4 would have enough system resources to support a Medium list?
Understand that devices like the BR1 and HD2 don’t have as much system resources and could lead to worse performance if not implemented correctly.
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Good suggestion! Do you think how many and which Web Blocking categories should be included in Medium list?


I’ll make a list and send it to you.
Thank You