Link to dashboard on support.cgi

Can the devs please put the link to the dashboard back on the top of the support.cgi page? I have bookmarks for the support page in Safari. This is the only shortcut that I have (yes, I am aware I can create another one), so if I am not authenticated - I go straight to the logon page and then to the dashboard. However, if I am logged in, I go straight to the support.cgi page. This was not a big deal since there was a link to the dashboard at the top of the page. Now that it is gone, I have to change stuff in the URL bar.

I do realize how petty this request is. I also realize how easy it is to work around. But, I also realize how easy it is to add a static hyperlink to the support.cgi page too. That link has been there through all of the firmware versions prior to 8.0. I cannot understand why it was removed.

Do you think this helps?

I also thought it was missing initially. :sweat_smile:

We are adding more features in support.cgi page. So, the LAN/WAN Ethernet details has been hidden.


My man! Thanks TK_Liew! This is extremely helpful.

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