Link failover question

Good Morning,

We have a question on how our Peplink Balance 380 works. If we have WAN 1 connected in Drop-in mode and Wan 2 connected (NAT) and we want to disable WAN 2 when there are connected inbound\outbound sessions would those sessions shift over to WAN 1 without disruption?

Yes , it would.:rolleyes:

If you are talking about how would happen of the existing sessions after the WAN down event, then for outgoing sessions, the next packet of the existing session will be routed to another WAN, but the client and server applications will aware the source and destination IP have been changed, therefore the client and server applications won’t accept this traffic and close the session. Client and server will need to re-establish the session again.

For incoming sessions, similarly, the remote client will still send the traffic to WAN2’s IP which had been disabled, and server side will send traffic over WAN1 with different IP. In this situation, the session will also be closed and need to re-establish.