Link down


Hi, I’m getting too many disconnect from wan1 it said disconnected (LINK DOWN), I already change cable and view thw log file from the router and its working fine, chabge from auto to 100mb duplex, advertise speed and always get disconnected.
My peplink its a 710 v1



Did you configure both end device using 100Mbps Full duplex ?

B710 WAN (100Mbps Full duplex) <----> (100Mbps Full Duplex) Modem

Change 1 end device with fix interface speeds will not help to solve the port media issue.

Thank You


Yes, but when I changed it tu full 100mbs full duplex on both the peplink did not connect. the other router its a mikrotik.


Does it make a difference if you configure the Peplink to not advertise speed?


Yesterday I made some changes in Health Check Interval to 60sec I got.only one disconnect. But the weird its in the log said not cable


I would create a ticket here so that we can take a closer look.


Ticket #764363 thanks