Link Detection Time

i have 3 wan connection and 2 sim cards on Pepwave MAX HD4 MBX so i want to boot my lan internet speed , how can i get more speed on it ?? is it possible to get more speed on this
1 wan 100mbps
2wan 50mbps
3wan 50mbps
1 cellular 100 mbps
2 cellular 10 mbps
please help me out

With a HD4 MBX in load balancing mode a single LAN client (or multiple clients) running multiple sessions will be able to consume all the available bandwidth you list above.

If you want a single session from a single LAN device (ie a video stream) to be able to use all the available WANs at the same time then you need SpeedFusion Bonding.

Easiest way to try SpeedFusion bonding is with a FusionHub hosted in Vultr for $5/ month.

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