Link aggregation to sonicwall in Drop-in mode


Link aggregation doesn’t seem to function correctly when connected to a firewall “sonicwall in my case”.

I have Lan port 1&2 in link aggregation on peplink 710 (gen3) running firmware 6.2.2, Drop in mode is configured for Wan 1. Two wan links total.
On the sonicwall I have link aggregation setup as well.

The two links work fine in a failover scenario (unplugging either cable to simulate), but when both cables are plugged in internet is inaccessible.


We tested it is working fine with the same hardware and firmware. Below is the testing environment.

PC —> Cisco switch (Port1,Port2) —LACP—> (Lan1,Lan2) Balance710 (Drop-in enabled on WAN1) —> Router —> Internet

  1. Can you share the screenshot of LACP configuration on Balance710?

  2. What is the gateway for Sonicwall?

  3. Can you test LACP between Balance710 and a switch?

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setup for peplink 710.

Setup for sonicwall

I tried a few things. When LAG configured internet traffic grinds to a halt, but still works (dial-up speeds) Pinged 50% of packets dropped. I will do an extended test after hours.

I called sonicwall to confirm I have everything configured right, they confirmed during a remote session. They will be also looking into this issue on their end.

I turned off Link aggregation on Peplink, but still connected Lan1 and Lan2 to sonicwall. I have link aggregation turn on x1 and x2 ports on sonicwall. This for some reason seems to aggregate the links comming from peplink even though I do not have LACP turn on in the peplink.

So while it does seem like its working correctly (no dropped packets, no tcp retransmissions, and links are passing traffic equally according to sonicwall interface stats) How do i know if this is working correctly since I do not have it setup on peplink correctly.

This is all for future internet expansion. Next year we will have the opportunity to upgrade to more than 1 gig internet.


Based on your feedback, I suspect LACP failed to negotiate between Peplink and Sonicwall. As suggested above, please test LACP between Balance 710 and a switch to confirm.

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Tested with Switch, It does work correctly connected to a switch in LACP. But still does not work correctly connected to a sonicwall in LACP.

Only works correctly if I set up sonicwall in LACP but turn off LACP on Peplink.

As TK mentioned, this looks to be an LACP negotiation issue between the Sonicwall and Balance 710. What specific Sonicwall model are you using and have they provided any feedback yet?

Seems as though it is working fine even though the option is not enabled on the 710 so I would just go with it for now.

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Sonicwall NSA 3600 with firmware SonicOS Enhanced

Sonicwall is kinda slow with their replies, if they don’t respond by next wednesday I will give them a follow up call.

I was going to setup a temp server as a Wan link through the 710 and run iperf to see if I could achieve over gig speeds. This would truly test if LACP is actually working through the sonicwall.

I’ve been running this config since I last updated this post. Sonicwall (link aggregation on) Peplink (link aggregation off) and has been aggregating just fine.

I am going to try and turn link aggregation on for the peplink 710 (firmware 7.0.1) and Sonicwall (firmware

I will report back tomorrow. Just wanted to see if anyone was able to get this working the correct way.

Update 2 years later.

Sonicwall now has lacp support with sonicOS 6.5+

It now works as designed.

Lacp support is located under the sonicwall Manage tab> System Setup> Switching> Link aggregation> lacp

DO NOT use the Link Aggregation under the sonicwall network interface ADVANCED Tab. This sets up a Static Lag group which is not lacp. This setup will result is dropped packets and horrible quality on your internet connections.