Link aggregation in Max On The Go

Hi . i buy router Max On The Go .I have 3 4G dongle .Each of them alone has a bandwidth of 54 Mbps .
i need link aggregation sum all bandwidth (54*3 = 150 Mb/s) for downlaod . but after connect all 4G dongle still my bandwidth is 54 Mb/s . (download speed in IDM 6-7 MB/s) . what is problem?thanks
sorry my English language is bad .
all screenshot attached .


There are three things you need to check:

  1. MAX On the Go router throughout is only rated as 100Mbps.
  1. Outbound policy: Make sure Weighted Balance outbound policy is used so that SpeedTest traffics can forwarded using all the WANs.
    Speed Test Tool for Combined Download Speed in Multi-WAN Environment

  2. Cellular Share Bandwidth (Mostly happen for same service provider)

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yes i know throughout is only rated as 100Mbps . i set outbound policy to custom and Weighted Balance but still my all bandwidth 50 Mbps.
also 100 Mbps enough for me .

Are you creating a SpeedFusion PepVPN link to another site?

If you’re not, then the connections aren’t bonded, they’re load-balanced. In order to bond multiple links into a single ‘bigger’ connection, you need a device at another location (ISP, colocation facility, cloud host, etc) where the multiple connections are woven back together and pushed to the public internet.

This means that your speed test will only go as fast as the speed of a single link (54 mbps), but you could, say, run 3 speed tests in parallel and EACH would return a result of 54 mbps.


no . i want need only high speed for download from shared servers (movie , software , …)
can i?

Sorry, but link aggregation only works if you have two PepLink devices (either real or virtual), with the second device having access to an internet connection large enough to handle the aggregate bandwidth.

The problem with only using one device is that the website (speedtest, netflix, youtube, etc) only knows how to send data to one address. Your peplink device says “Speedtest, how fast is the connection between your server and (4G dongle #1)?”, the reply will be “54 Mb/s”.


OK . thanks for answer .
do you have any solution for my problem ?
can i with any other method and devices link aggregation in one side or impossible?

One-sided link aggregation is not possible. The servers you connect to (speedtest, netflix, youtube, etc) simply don’t know how to send a single stream of data split across multiple addresses.

If you really need aggregation, you will need to either buy a 2nd device and attach it to a fast internet connection, or install one of our FusionHub virtual devices on a cloud instance. We recently allowed for end users to get a free FusionHub Solo license, but keep in mind that the throughput is limited to 100mbps.