Limiting internet access via time schedule

I would like to be able to limit internet access for selected users on my network based on time of the day.
For example, user A (specified by IP or MAC address) has internet access shut down from 12:30AM to 5AM.
I have tried, without success, to do this using the Schedule function, then setting up firewall rules using a users MAC address.
This would be a useful feature for many. Please advise whether you can make this happen.


Generally, the settings as below:-

I can see many others wanting this same feature. It should be documented, somewhere.

The examples TK provided are keyed off IP address rather than MAC. DHCP reservation should enable a permanent link between the two (not sure if the target device needs to be connected when the DHCP reservation is defined).

Same rule can be done via MAC address

Guys I don’t seem to have this schedule feature?
Is this replaced or an update?

//Never mind, I already found out//