Limit what can connect to cellular failover

Hello! I searched the forums but didn’t find what I was looking for. So thought I’d try to pst something new…

I’m using a Peplink Max BR1 MK2 in a RV. I primarily use Wifi as WAN and use Verizon cellular as my failover.

Is there a way to limit what connects to the cellular failover? I have several devices like playstations, streaming devices, etc. I don’t want them on the cellular network. I essentially only want my two work laptops to fail over to the cellular connection so all of the bandwidth doesn’t get chewed up.

So essentially, is a way to setup an access list or denial list for the cellular connection, only?

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Hello and welcome to the forum!
One of the simplest ways of doing this is using the Outbound Policy.
You can create a rule with the parameter of “Enforced” to enforce traffic from an individual device or network to only use a single WAN e.g. Streaming devices enforced to Wifi WAN (W1 Vodafone in the example below).

For the devices that you want to primarily use wifi WAN and then failover to cellular, you can use the priority rule and have the wifi WAN at the top of the list with Cellular lower down.

Hope this helps!

Yup Sam_Norris has it above

It works well

I route all streaming through WiFi as WAN outside of my Speedfusion encrypted tunnel. I do allow it to fall back to Cellular but have the bandwidth limited to 1.5-2mbps per streaming device. Otherwise it easily eats 16mbps per Roku on cellular. I have all my streaming devices set with a static IP via the MAC address, making it easier to tag/see whats going on at any time. I believe the bandwidth limitations is not yet released on the MK2 but a special firmware has been shared in a separate thread. I am hoping Peplink officially includes it in 8.1.1 !

On a side note, I have two speedfusion tunnels setup. One uses all WANs including cellular. That tunnel is for VoIP and video conferencing. The other tunnel uses both WiFi WANs and is for everything else. I use smoothing and FEC and it seems to work well. Saves me a ton of cellular bandwidth when WiFi is available.

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Thank you much for this! A few questions… With your example above, if I want everything to use Wi-Fi as a WAN - I could just set the IP to “Any”

If I have say 2 devices I want to failover to cellular, would I use your example and essentially make 2 rules (1 each) specifying the MAC or or IP of the 2 devices I’d want to fail over? Or is there a simpler way I’m not seeing to add multiple devices?

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I need to do some research on this Speedfustion. I’m interested in encrypting my traffic (especially since I’m at RV parks) currently I just use NORD VPN on my machines…

From what you’re saying though, it looks like I could setup multiple tunnels to do what I’m looking for. I’ll do some more research on how this works! Thank you!

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Bumping my question back to this post.

Rule 1 & 2 (at top of list). One rule for each device you want to fail over to Cellular

The Third rule would be the enforced rule and you can select the source devices as ANY.

Perfect! Thank you for the reply!

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