Limit Users to 70 on a Balance 1 Core

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I have a Balance One Core…I am using portal functionality.

What is best way to limit # of users? What happens when you exceed the recommended 60 users?

Also is there a benefit t use a Peplink AP rather than Ubiquity or TP link?

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Number of users is not a hard limit. Its just a recommendation based on typical use. Depending on your data volume the unit might bog down with 25 users, or run fine with 100. I suggest focusing more on the rated data throughput which is 600 mbps for the Balance One.

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Thank you; is there a way to limit number of connections?


You could set the DHCP range to only allow 70 devices to connect - would that work for you?


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Absolutely! The Balance includes an excellent AP controller which will allow you to manage your AP(s) right from the router UI. You’ll even be able to see client signal strength from the Balance and also see it from the phone “app” if you choose to do so. You lose all that when using other brand APs.

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I could limit DHCP to 70 but people could hard set their IP addresses?

Hi @chrisnia,

Is that using InControl? If so, you can force the client devices to disconnect from the WiFi every x minutes (say 30 minutes), but set the Reset after session ends to zero minutes - this would allow them to log back in again. You could also set the DHCP lease time to 30 minutes.

If someone did configure their device with a static IP address, after 30 minutes, the Captive Portal would automatically log them off. They would be able to log back in again, but if there are others wanting to connect at the same time, they could well be given the IP address of the device that has just been logged out. Note - I believe this is new with InControl 2.8.4 so if you setup the Captive Portal a few weeks ago, this option probably didn’t exist.

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Thank you for your detailed response. We are on a military facility experiencing lockdowns and quarantines, it sometime takes time to reply. You assistance is greatly appreciated.

I will set up qty (4) AP One rugged units in a large open area. THe stated limit on connected users is 60. There are 500 people in the warehouse. How would I manage or distribute users if they can all see more than one AP at a time? Does the AP refuse connections after 60 users?
I am using portal functionality.