Limit total BW used by network (especially a given WIFI SID)

Currently you can limit BW used by each peer. I am requesting ability to limit total up/total down BW on a given SID (or any network if that is possible). This would be another way to solve the issue I have with public wi-fi traffic causing congestion and poor quality on the VoIP that runs over PEPVPN.

The public wi-fi is just straight to the WAN. If at a given location I have say 50M down/15M up Internet, it would be great if I could limit the total usage of the public wi-fi to 40Mdown/10Mup, leaving plenty for the business critial needs such as VoIP and the POS system

Network > QoS > User Groups, click Add to add a new range of client devices. Select Subnet in Subnet / IP Address, and enter the network address (e.g. and adjust the mask if necessary. Select either Staff or Guest as the Group (the Manager group can’t be limited using QoS). In your case Guest would seem appropriate. Save.

Network > QoS > Bandwidth Control select the Enable checkbox in the Individual Bandwidth Limit section. Set your preferred limits for the group you chose above. Save and Apply Changes.

Any client devices assigned to the bandwidth limited group will be limited in upload and/or download speeds as configured. This applies to all devices in the configured group (Staff or Guest). If you’ve assigned additional ranges to the same group, they will also be bandwidth limited.

EDIT: The Individual Limit is NOT a limit per user. The limit is applied to any proscribed single user, as configured. If you configure your limits as 40Mbps down and 10Mbps up, no proscribed user will be able to use more than the configured limits. If you have three simultaneous users in the proscribed group, they will be “fighting” over the 40Mbps limit amongst themselves while the other users not in the group will have the remaining 10Mbps.

You are correct on a balance device such as B30 LTE or balance one. However on the max-br1, which is 95% of my devices that feature is not there. All you can do is set application priority and individual limits

Ah, didn’t know that you were working with a MAX BR-1.

You could still set an individual limit it would seem; it will be applied to ALL connected devices. That should still achieve your desired end result – limiting public Wi-Fi from saturating the WAN. Certainly not as elegant as using QoS User Groups, but should still get the job done.

Nope. it is in fact individual. so you have a 10M/2M connection. If you set the “individual limit” to say 1M/1M and 20 people are using the wi-fi they can nail it easily.

Anyone else want to chime in here? I really think we need better bandwidth controls.
My preference is to have the same control now in the balance xx available in the max-br1.
I continue to have problems with wi-fi users sucking up too much bandwidth.