Limit throughput by Port number

I have 3 connections on my Balance 50. 6/1 DSL 6/1 DSL and 50mbit/3mbit Cable. I’m streaming from a camera NVR system to another NVR for remote viewing. Unfortunately it is slamming the connection to full capacity which makes web browsing and other things slow. I thought that if I set the speed down to 1mbit on the config of the port it would limit the speed to 1mbit. That’s how it works on my ASUS RT AC 66u router. Can I control the throughput?

As a future feature request, I’d love the option to set throughput limit on a per TCP port basis (as well as total on WAN port). My cameras go on port 37777, I’d love it if I could set an outgoing rule to limit traffic speed to xMbit. That would give precise control. Please add that to your future firmware release options.

But for now, how can I limit the total throughput on my cable WAN port.

EDIT: My bad. I changed it to 1mbit and it did start limiting it a few minutes later. So I guess this post can just be about a feature request for setting inbound and outbound limits on a per TCP port basis. That would be very useful to me. Then I could limit the cameras to not take the full 3mbit, and allow web browsing and other things to run on the remaining 2mbit on the port. Any chance of getting this feature added?

this would be very useful.

Please if we could classify traffic into ‘QoS groups’ for rate-limiting based upon protocol or tcp/udp port number then the QoS might be quite a bit more flexible.