Limit Data Usage per Device?


I wish to limit the usage of specific devices on a daily basis. The device could be targeted by MAC or VLAN.

This might be measured by usage of a certain amount of data. Or it might be measured by a certain duration of usage (not within a fixed schedule.)

Is this possible with any of the current products or management software?


Hello Scout,

Will the clients be connecting via wifi or will this be via ethernet? If the clients are connecting via wifi you can do this using Captive Portal you can limit the amount of bandwidth on a daily basis.


Dear Zach,

is it possible to limit the traffic data on a monthly basis? I’m using SIM with a commerciale limit of 30GB/month and I need to stop the service when we reach this limit.

Thank you


Hello Olga_Spimpolo,

You can enable Bandwidth Allowance Monitor under the cellular WAN settings and define your Monthly Allowance for the device. The Start Day can also be changed to match your billing cycle.


thank you Zack!
I have some other questions about the captive portal:

  • Where are the data stored; are your data center in EU and compliant with GDPR if needed?
  • Because of the Italian law we need to store the log data for 1 year and we understand that you store the log data for 3 months; is it possible to extend this period? if not, how can we manage the data export?
  • Is it possible to customize the Captive Portal with the insertion of personalized Term of services and Privacy policies?
  • do you support the social login?

thank you for all