Limit bandwith per user

Hello everyone,

Is theire any solution to limit usage of bandwith per user. i have peplink balance 310.

Hi mydi88,

You can use Individual Bandwidth Limit. Using this feature you can define a maximum download speed (over all WAN connections) and upload speed (for each WAN connection) that each individual Staff and Guest member can consume. No limit can be imposed on individual Manager members.
You can find this feature in Network > QoS > Bandwidth Control > Individual Bandwidth Limit.
Hope this helps.

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Thanks Rokas,

Hi. I mostly use Balance 20 and Balance One Core. Is there a plan in 8.11 [or later 8-( ] to ad LAN bandwidth limit options (exe : in defined lan 192.168.6.x , on port 4, only 20Mb symetrical) ? either, on IP ( has only 5Mb ability…)

Thanks. Feature wished for coworking projects.