Limit bandwidth when on Cellular for B20X?

Have a B20X with two WANs connected: One cable internet (Primary) and one Cellular (Backup). I’d like to limit the throughput when connected to the Cellular WAN since it’s a limited data connection.

I see there is a way to limit it via Network → Wan → Download bandwidth for the connected cable modem WAN. However, that setting is not there when I go to Network → Cellular WAN. Am I missing something here or is there no way to limit bandwidth on the Cellular WAN??

I take it there is no way to do this??

I’ll be pleased to be corrected on this but I don’t think there is a way. However, having said that, “Outbound policies” are your friend. You can fully control what devices, or for what purpose, each LAN client uses the various WANs. One can, for example, prohibit bandwidth-hungry applications, devices or destinations from using your cellular WAN. There’s a lot of “power” in outbound policies.

Thanks for the response Rick. I don’t want to prohibit outbound traffic for any client, I just want to limit throughput when on Cellular WAN so data isn’t used up quickly. Nowadays with ads and embedded video, even browsing the web can use quite a bit of data unexpectedly.

Kinda surprised there is no way to traffic shape. With all the features Peplink offers I thought it would be a no brainer.

Scroll down and check out my feature request

Maybe not what you are after but we have a number of installations which use a PiHole to reduce junk traffic – including ads. Couples with a filtering upstream DNS server (e.g., or etc) it also reduces the probability if ingesting malware somewhat.