Limit amount of clients per AP via IC2

I have about 23 Pepwave APs in a a school. Almost one dedicated AP per classroom as each classroom has roughly 25 users on tablets. Stress testing revealed that even after 60 clients each, the APs are not releasing clients to the next available or restricting any new clients from connecting. I understand I can hard code a MAX for how many users can connect to my APs, but I can’t do it via InControl 2 per Pep support:

“This can be set in the AP as well as the AP Controller (if AP is connected to a Peplink/Pepwave router.) This can be configured by going into the SSID settings page. Currently this is not available in IC2 as a configurable feature at this time. I would post this to our feature request forum to see if engineering can add this feature in a future firmware or if this is already on the road map (they will directly provide a update there.)”

Hence… this thread. :slight_smile:


The Max. no. of Clients setting will be added to the next IC2 major release. The setting will be available on both SSID and Radio Settings screens.