Lightsail install?

I’m hosting a lot of things in Lightsail. I’d really like to get FusionHub running in lightsail but there’s no option to import a disk image or install from an ISO.

Is there any way to install on a base Linux system? I have Ubuntu, Debian, and CentOS images available.

Hello Dan_Denson,

We do not have a way to support installing FusionHub in this way. You would have to be able to upload one of the disk images.

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@Zach_Tangen ok. Is this something that could be requested for future inclusion?

A request could be made, but with the way that FusionHub has been created it can’t be deployed as a package that could be installed. So this would take some time, if it could even be done, to create an installable package.

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Just checking in to see if any changes to this have been made.

@Dan_Denson Wondering if the main driver behind the desire to get FusionHub on Lightsail is networking between other Lightsail instances you run or if it’s because Lightsail offers dirt cheap pricing on inbound and outbound transfer compared to EC2.

If you set up VPC peering correctly, you could use a Lightsail instance running your prefered Linux flavour configured to act as a basic gateway/router and then have FusionHub in EC2 communicating (for free within the same region) with your Lightsail resources.

you’re close, but there are other factors.

  1. though you can route between the lightsail subnet and your VPC subnet, you cannot route THROUGH the VPC. ie, if lightsail is, VPC is, and prem is, you cannot route via on the lightsail box because you can’t insert routes in the lightsail instance that work and you can’t add the unknown foreign subnet to the VPC advertisement.

  2. yes, this is all about price, but more specifically, a $3.50 fusionhub solo for the customer, not a multi-tenant fusionhub install.

  3. even for a multitenant setup, lightsail is cheap, super cheap. 100 peers on a t2.small? lightsail is half that price, and if you scale up anymore lightsail savings continue.

right now I'm hosting another product in EC2 and doing GRE tunnels from the lightsail instances over to EC2 so I can route across the tunnel.

Neat. I’d only ever read the docs and never tried to actually implement that setup.

yeah, sucks, you can’t even route within the lightsail group. ie, if you setup an openvpn server on one instance and try to route through that to somewhere, no go.

I’m actually using zerotier a lot of handling this. Just pop zerotier into each instance and essentially ignore the ‘local’ subnet of the instances.

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Same. And then I use a FusionHub in Vultr sat beside an Opnsense server (with ZeroTier Plugin) as my Peplink SDWAN core. Best of both worlds then.

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way off topic here, but what made you choose Vultr for hosting?

Ease of use (really simple UI) and $5/month fusionhub vm’s that have performed really well for many years now.