Lightning protection

If I put a MIMO antenna on my house’s roof line, what should I do for lightning protection? I am looking at the Poynting Omni-600, Peplink 20G, or similar. I just don’t want lightning to be able to hop from the antenna, into my Peplink Router, then rest of network

From Antenna to Peplink, inline RF surge protectors are what you want, you would need ones suitable for the radio frequencies you will be using on the cellular side, good quality ones are not that cheap and will run you anything from $50 USD to a lot more frankly probably cheaper to fry the Peplink in this instance.

From the Peplink to the rest of the network the standard practice there would be either an in-line surge protector on the ethernet cable, or to take a page from the outdoor wireless engineers play book we tend to go for optical isolation and in this case that would be a pair of cheap media converters with a ~2m patch cable between them as the 20X does not have an SFP port.

Does your house often get struck by lightning, or at least very close by? I’d probably be looking at some sort of lightning rod setup if so too.

Can you please post some examples of inline RF surge protectors that I can buy in the USA that would fit the Poynting or 20G connector? The rest of the network will be hard because there will be multiple ethernet devices plugged into the Peplink router including other WANs.

Not specifically no, as I do not buy things like that in the US.

A random google search though for “inline rf surge protector” would probably give you some results, after that you need to ensure what you are buying will pass through the frequencies you need.

You could look for something broadband in that respect, most LTE will fall into 700MHz to 2.6GHz or thereabouts but you should check what your router is really using and probably work out what is being offered from the towers in your area.

As for brands, in the US I’d probably look at something like Times Microwave as a good reputable name and probably readily available.