License Question: WAN Smoothing with Speedfusion Cloud

I have a Balance One router with a trial Speedfusion cloud key enabled and I plan on purchasing a top up plan once this runs out. I would like to use the WAN smoothing and FEC features but only on the Speedfusion cloud VPN. Do I need an additional license for this? If so please direct me to the correct one.

The “add-on” features are available across the SpeedFusion Cloud licenses (trial or paid), you are safe to order to top up plan(s). :wink:

I have an active speed fusion cloud license but WAN smoothing is not available when I edit the VPN profile. How can I enable this feature?


It’ll work as soon as you create the sub- tunnel. In the example below I checked on the “2” just to the right of the “1 - Default” and another screen popped up and that sub-tunnel is seen ready to be configured.

Thank you for the response. I have created and applied a sub-tunnel and still no WAN Smoothing option. Please see screenshot. What am I missing?

Looks like you might be hitting the bug as the other user reported in this post, target to be fixed in next major firmware release.

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I’m having this issue as well on my Balance 20 with firmware 8.1.0 Is there a plan to fix this issue?

The bug below was fixed in 8.1.1. You may try 8.1.1 beta firmware.