LG Tv will not accept my pepwave router wifi password

My LG Smart TV responds “Incorrect password” when trying to connect to my Pepwave Max Transit. Any help?

I have found a number of older devices do not like connecting to networks that are WPA3/WPA2.

As a workaround I create a separate SSID in the same VLAN with only WPA2.

The older devices then connect via that SSID.

so far a Cannon G4210 printer and the AppleTV 3rd gen.

Try using a simpler password, maybe 8 characters with letters and numbers only and see if that works.

I had a “smart plug” which would always tell me incorrect password. Turned out it had a limit on the password length and would truncate it, and I think it didnt like special characters.

I believe they had a firmware update not long after to address it… but I’d try that first and see.

Edit: I’m not advocating for weakening your wifi security with a weaker password, but just as troubleshooting to confirm whether this is the case or not. If you can hardwire that is always best and secure optiion.

Thank you! Will give it a try.

Thank you! Will look at doing that.