Let's keep this simple please

First time posting. I purchased the pep wave max transit mini LTE (MAX-TST-MINI-LTE-F-T-PRM) a few months ago but after hours of searching I have not found a simple answer.

What sim card do I purchase with T-Mobile?
Can I use a prepaid? Does it have to be a Hotspot plan or can it just be unlimited data?
Do I need to bring my unit into the store to update the imei?

These are really carrier questions, not peplink. T-mobile picks what plans are available for the device, provides SIM cards, etc. Some posters here have shared they got the 50 or 100GB plans with t-mobile. You can read those posts by searching.

As for SIM card size, it should be on the spec PDF.

Forums like Howard Forums are more geared towards the carriers/plans.

Remember, Peplink is an enterprise grade device, and there are very few consumer plans that are compatible.

“T-Mobile Prepaid Mobile Internet” is what you want. Its a data-only plan.

Dont bother entering in your IMEI cuz it will work without doing that. After selecting your plan you will add the 3-in-1 SIM kit. This SIM will be what the service is tied to, not your IMEI.

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