LB_380 Configuration File upload to Other Peplink models


My network currently running a LB_380. And is in the mid of thinking to upgrade the device to a higher end model to support more WAN connections.

Can I upload the current LB_380 configuration file directly onto a LB_580, LB_710 or even a LB_1350?
This will save me time on having to configure the new unit all over again.

Would appreciate if someone could share their experience on this.

Thanks in adv. :D:D

There is good news and bad news.

Bad news is by default, you can’t.

Good news is you can contact our Support team and we will convert the file for you and you can upload it straightly to your new Peplink! And this service is free of charge! :slight_smile:

I ought to put up this in “Feature Request”
Thanks for the info.

Cheers~! :wink:

You’re welcome! Yes, it is a popular request nowadays so we will definitely look into it and find a better solution! :slight_smile:

Anthony, thanks for your continued support!