Layer2 Isolation

I am looking to create a Guest network on my Surf SOHO with firmware 6.2.0 build 1644.

From reading, it seems as if the Layer 2 Isolation feature would provide the equivalent of a Guest network and keep users on that SSID away from users on another SSID and away from wired Ethernet users. But that does not seem to be the case.

After connecting an Android device to an SSID with Layer 2 Isolation enabled, a LAN scan with the Fing app found all the devices connected to the router, both wired and those on another SSID. Not sure how Fing detects devices but another app that does Pings was also able to see wired devices and those on another SSID. Both apps could do port scans of the devices not connected to the Layer 2 isolated SSID.

Am I mis-undersetanding something?

Dear Michael,

Please refer to the forum discussion link below for L2 Isolation & Guest protect features.

For your case, you are more referring to “Guest Protect” feature as this is currently not supported for Surf Soho. Do consider separate the WIFI network using difference VLAN & blocking the WIFI access using Inter-VLAN blocking or Firewall access rules

Thank You