Layer 3 and Layer 2 sub tunnel to Fusionhub?

I have built simultaneous Layer 3 and Layer 2 (L2 as a sub tunnel in the same profile) between physical devices before with no issues.

Am now trying to do the same thing with Fusionhub but as soon as I add a sub tunnel to a VPN profile It can no longer be selected in the “Layer 2 PepVPN Bridging” section. Does Fusionhub not support simultaneous L3+L2 on a single profile?

Master @Kenny will know for sure…

Funnily enough I was trying to set this up last week too but ran out of time to debug if it was my config or a limitation / bug.

Worked around it in the end with some VRFs on the FH putting the L2 tunnel in one profile to the default VRF and making a separate one for L3 to terminate into.

I went to do that too, but the remote peer id couldn’t be used in one VRF for layer 3 and another for Layer 2?

We’ve ended up spinning up a FusionHub for layer 2 and another for layer3 now…

Ah derp on my part - profile in one VRF is disabled which does let you configure it but not enable it!

Was only used over the weekend for a few hours as a bodge around some kit that didnt like being routed, looking at it now we did L2 only and dropped traffic onto a firewall attached to the LAN at the hub to breakout what L3 was needed.

To establish L2 + L3 sub-tunnels simultaneously to the same SpeedFusion peer, the L2 tunnel must be bridged to one of the VLAN interface. Since FusionHub supports untagged LAN (trunk) only, it’s currently not possible to create L2 + L3 sub-tunnels on FusionHub like you did on Balance / MAX.


Look ! Look ! Another use case for the Virtual Balance! :wink: the DCX ?