Layer 2 VPN Slow Internet Traffic

I hope someone can help us. We have a couple of buildings tied together with a Peplink 305 and a Peplink Balance 30. We are using Pepvpn and we had to set up the VPN tunnel as a Layer 2 VPN due to specific software that we run across sites. Users at the daughter site are complaining of very slow speeds. Our ISP provides 200mb/50mb at the daughter site and 500/100 at the main site and users at the daughter site are only getting about 5-15mb down currently… Is there any way to force Internet only traffic through a separate router for the daughter site while maintaining the L2 VPN? Because of the L2 VPN, I cannot set static routes that would accomplish this I believe.

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Yes there is assuming your ISP can give you an additional public IP on the daughter site.

Add a router to the daughter site with a static IP on its LAN in the same subnet as the rest of the L2 segment. Plug the new router into the ISP’s CPE so it gets a public IP. Then manually set the default gateway on the devices at the daughter site to be the new router.

Traffic at the daughter site destined for devices on the same LAN subnet will pass over the L2 tunnel, everything else will be sent over the new router.

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Omgosh, so simple. We were making this way more complicated than it is I
guess huh? This makes perfect sense. We will try this as soon as possible.

Thanks so much for your help. I love your products. We use them
exclusively at all of our car dealership offices.

Daniel Leon