Layer 2 Speed Fusion Setup

Hi so I am setting up a Layer 2 Speed Fusion network and running into a weird but probably expected issue.

So between my two sites, let’s say 10.6.x.x & 10.7.x.x I am wanting to bridge them over L2. When I enable the tunnel everything connects and I am able to see valid connections in the Fusion Hub. But once it is fully up my switches in both sites start throwing DHCP guarding errors as it is now seeing the DHCP servers from the other sites.

My first question is, do my sites in an L2 bridge setup have to have non-overlapping VLANS?

The second question is I am not able to ping either site through the Speed Fusion tunnel, do I have to set up static routes of some kind?

Thank you for the help!

FusionHub doesn’t support VLANs for the L2 bridging so you will likely be joining the two segments together.

One possible work around depending on your topology and hardware at each end is to use a separate hub and different profile and bridge a port on each sites Peplink to act as a vlan trunk behaving like a L2 pseudowire across the SF tunnel, you can then carry vlan tags inside that just fine, you just need to burn a vlan that is the same on both sides to do this so use one that’s not part of your normal infrastructure and be mindful of L2 loops.


Very interesting! Fully understand.

So am I limited to 1 profile per Fusion Hub? or can i make multiple and use the same hub? One Profile per VLAN?

Ideally, my topology will be a star and i would be linking the VLANs dynamically as needed.


Do you have a network diagram on what you need to build ?

L2SF is a new feature for FusionHub for firmware 8.0.1 and above.