Layer 2 and Layer 3 VPN


I tryed to configure Layer2 VLAN between 2 sites in my environnement. Route from layer3 to layer2 failed with 96% loss

Actually i have 20 sites interconnect on Layer3 with pepvpn

sample :
first site is Pep 710 in HA mode - VIP:
The second site is Pep580 in HA mode - VIP:

8 VLAN who communicate with layer3 and no problem

I create a similar vlan between the same sites. I use the subnet

Pep710 - VLAN 850 - - Layer2 bridge profile OK - do not override
Pep580 - VLAN 850 - - Layer2 bridge profile OK - do not override

I connect a laptop on the first site with ip: gw:
and laptop on the second side with ip gw:

ping OK into the layer 2 between & - Layer-2 great

but route layer3 failed - i can’t ping from another vlan except on the same site

Any thoughts?


Which device is owning the VLAN 192.168.200.x/24 network ? What is the default gateway for the labtops ?

Beside that, do you have detail network diagram included the VLAN info that can share ? Suspect the issue is more in routing design issue.

Maybe we could follow up the case via support ticket?