Latest Stable version | Peplink 580

Hi Team ,
We have raised case for Latest Stable version | Peplink 580 case#21061178
Current version - 7.1.0 build 2287
kindly suggest latest stable one


Welcome to the forum!
If you look at the status page it will tell you what hardware revision you have. Check there first, but I suspect it will be a HW2 or HW3 device.

If so, upgrade to 7.1.2 first, then you can go to 8.1.2 BUT there are big differences between these firmware revisions so if you have a bunch of remote sites connected via SpeedFusion you’ll need to think about upgrade sequence.

You can find older firmware in the archive

Here is the B580 HW2-3 7.1.2 firmware

Here is 8.1.2 Firmware link