I am looking at using a Max HD2 in the UK configured with 2 x KaSat Newspotter dishes and 1 x Vodafone 4g and 1 x EE 4G cards. I will primarily use 1x KaSat dish with the 2nd dish being backup with the 2 x 4G SIMs as another backup.

i need to live stream HD video reliably and want the system to compensate for fluctuations in KaSat bit rate due to external forces such as weather.

is anyone doing this or something similar and the big question… What will the latency be of the Peplink chain with Peplink boxes at both ends. I know my video encoder to decoder in ultra low delay takes about 0.1 secs, satellite delay takes about 0.3 secs, how much is the Peplink system going to add?

SpeedFusion VPN bonding itself will add little to no latency, but the overall latency in the tunnel will be equal to that of the worst connection. It is not recommended to combine connections that have a big difference in latency, it can affect performance.

Within the SpeedFusion profile, you can prioritize connections that are actively used to route the traffic.

My original plan was to use 2 sat dishes, a main and a backup. Operate on the main and then supplement the main with the backup if conditions deteriorate. The 4G SIMs were added in because your equipment meant I could!

Satellite delay on both dishes would be the same at 0.3 secs. You say you think it would add little or no delay extra in this configuration. The aim is to keep total delay from camera to decoder output as sub-one second.

Can you envisage any problems with this configuration?

I don’t see any problems with your proposed configuration here.

Agree. This should work well. In fact with SpeedFusion Hot Failover, fallback from main sat dish to the backup dish can be completely seamless – your video won’t break if you switch from main sat to the backup sat dish.