Large Enterprise/Campus "mediafast" devises

Is there any plan for the 1350 & 2500 series equipment to support the mediafast caching as that would be ideal?


Possible to share us more info regarding to your request ?

  • What are project that you are currently working that looking for such request ?
  • The request are mainly due to the Caching Performance or the Number of WANs need to be supported for the caching solutions ?
  • Others

Thank You

where my organisation operate is pretty volitile and internet very expensive.
On average i pay 200-400$ per mbps and i have about 100mbps split between 2 main providers.

I also have a “collection” of smaller VSAT installations totalling 11 pcs and capacity of 22mbps down and 5.5mbps up configured in standby mode.

At the moment i have a “external cache” and require a 1350 model to funish my requirements and it would be ideal to be able to just have incorporated cache directly in the peplink for more efficient use of the expensive bandwidth, however the 750 model doesent have enough interfaces.

as i would like to use fiber LAN connectivity in the future i am now looking to upgrade to 2500 series model and if cache would be option this would be dream scenario possibly even higher than 1tb.

thats the basic scenario

Hi i was just wondering if you needed any other information or you have the idea?

What you’re really looking for is a pure content cache router with lots of memory, space (ssd, or SaS), multicore processing. You can always use an higher balance for load balancing etc. Well I am looking to peplink for same content caching router too

Hi folks, if we are to do a B1350/B2500 with MediaFast, what are the sizes of the cache (SSD storage) that you need? Thanks.

Anyone deploying a B1350/B2500 will definitely have massive traffic proposed in the link budget hence to satisfy that need, I would be looking at a minimum of 4TB for B1350 and 6TB would be the ideal for a B2500.

My suggestion, SSD storage for the caching is not necessary, but SSD for caching “writing/reading” of the storage is important.
So 1350 based Mediafast should have 2x RAID-0 2TB while having a 512Gb NVMe storage for read/write caching to the “caching” storage.
The 2500, should have bigger and faster NVMe storage.

These NVMe storage can bring RAM-like speed to saturate the throughput. 2700+MB/s, about 20+Gbps network throughput can be sustained.

Was just wondering if there was any update from the product team on such a request.
Desirable as stated in my previous thread would be
12-13 LAN ports and VERY desirable with SFP support as i need high throughput devices, and 1-2TB of mediacache would be absolutely dream device.