LAN Port Seperate Interfaces

Local Network:

Comcast Fiber Connection - 1 Static IP, connects to WAN1 on Peplink Balance 210 (Firmware 6.1.0 build 2517), then connects from LAN port 1 on Balance to a 24 port 10/100 POE switch and port 2 on LAN of Balance to a 24 port 10/100 Non-Poe switch (POE for polycom IP Phones, Non-POE for computers), these switches connect into a patch panel that goes out to IP Phones and computers. There is 1 onsite server that is supposed to be handing out the DHCP scope for all the computers but we only have the 1 internet connection and all devices are at the moment receiving my DHCP scope via my Balance 210.

My Request:

Can you guy think about making all the LAN ports on the Balances able to be their own interface?
Example: I need to be able to pass through an internet connection via LAN port 2 on that Balance 210 to the computer switch and let the server handle the DHCP for their computers. So I need to be able to turn off DHCP on that port and just pass through the internet. Yes I have tried VLANing but the issue is that they have extremely old Polycom Soundpoint IP 320’s that are crap and won’t keep the VLAN and I am not able to upgrade firmware on these phones and customer will not buy 24 new phones at the moment. This is the only feature that Edgemarc has on your routers other than that Peplink is the only way to go in my opinion.

FYI: I could implement this scenario in around 60 other customers that we have that range from 5-250 total users on network.


Not quite understand about your request, do you mean you want a Port Based VLAN, or you need to disable to DHCP service on the Balance 210 that connected to the Non-POE switch (LAN 2)?

Are those switches (PoE and Non-PoE) manageable or non-manageable? If the switches are manageable, then you can enable 802.1Q trunking with 2 VLANs on Balance 210, one VLAN without DHCP (for computers), and another VLAN with DHCP (for Polycom IP Phones).

Or you may share the network diagram (with actual details, eg. IP) for further discussion.


I have tried the VLAN but some of the phones there are so old and not even made anymore that around half or so won’t hold the VLAN for some reason and customer doesn’t want to buy all new phones at the moment. So disabling the DHCP Server just to the Non-POE switch would basically resolve all my issues. In a normal environment with new phones I would just VLAN like you said but there are quite a few customers that just don’t want to upgrade anything right now and being able to disable the dhcp server on certain ports would be awesome. If not I am just going to try and convince them to upgrade the phones.

The DHCP server cannot be disabled on a per-port basis. Your feature request has been documented.