LAN port details/stats



I have a pretty desperate troubleshooting need to see per LAN port statistics. At the very least, I’d like to see up/down status logged somewhere per LAN port. Optimally, I’d see “ifconfig” type statistics or “sh int x/y” type statistics.

I’m aware of the “support.cgi” page, but that does not even break things down per LAN port. The console interface seems to be running a very limited shell.


Please upgrade to the latest firmware version. The event of LAN port up/down will be logged into Event Log.



This feature has quite limited device list:
Require Peplink Balance One, One Core, 210/310 HW4, MediaFast 200, Pepwave MAX HD4 LTE, HD2/HD4 LTE with MediaFast, 700 HW3, HD2 HW5, Surf SOHO MK3; and running firmware 7.0.1 or above

Is there plan to extend this quite basic feature to BR series and other models also?