LAN Link Aggregation

What would be the proper way to set LAN Link Aggregation on a 305? In our case, the 305s (in VRRP) are connected to a pair of Netgear stacking switches.

Suppose LAN 1 and 2 were to be aggregated, would I just enable Link Aggregation and then plug LAN 1 to Netgear Switch 1 and LAN 2 to Netgear Switch 2? And that’s it? Or is also necessary to go into the Netgear setup and configure LAG on the 2 ports as well?

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Hi. I would first plug both cables from the 305 LAN ports into the same Netgear switch. Then, one must set up a LACP group on that switch. Not sure which product you are using but that’s what we do with the Netgear switches we have in service. If you are stacking switches you can then set up a second LACP group between switches.

Here’s what it looks like on a switch GUI:

Thanks! I am trying it now (just waiting for Remote Hands to add the cable). These switches have a lot of LAG options. I’m not sure what everything does. Googling what others have done, it looks like the defaults should be fine.


The switches are S3300-28X. They came with stacking cables (and dedicated ports). That part was plug and play without any setup needed.

I don’t think we have seen the model of switch you have but my recollection is the defaults were accepted, as you suggest.

It’s working. One of the defaults needed to be changed. The LAG Type needs to be LACP.

So I have Peplink1 LAN1,2 going into Netgear1 and Peplink 2 LAN1,2 going into Netgear2. It looks like it would be possible to have Peplink1 LAN1 goto Netgear1 and Peplink1 LAN2 go to Netgear2. (and the same for the Peplink 2).

I’m trying to think if that would be a benefit. I suppose if one of the switches went down, the Peplinks would still be able to communicate to what’s connected to the other switch. I suppose it’s also possible to connect LAN3 to the other switch (and add it to the LAG group). As it stands now, if one of the switches when down, I would need the Peplink to failover to the other unit.

Looks like it’s working well. The LAG spans both switches. Netgear says this will work. So far–all good!



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